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More Than Money Internal Launch


A top four Australian bank that believes people matter.


Over 42,000 NAB employees across over 1,100 locations.


To touch every single NAB employee with the new brand promise.

The challenge

NAB needed to ensure all employees understood and appreciated the meaning behind its new brand promise. We had five weeks to strategise and execute an experiential campaign that would reach every NAB employee across the world and give them a ‘wow’ moment.

“We couldn’t have launched our internal brand campaign without Aesthetic by our side – they quickly became part of our agile project team. They are passionate, enthusiastic, ingenious, meticulous and steadfast. We can’t thank you enough for what was achieved in record launch time. The result was a huge success.”

Carla Beresford, Brand Communications, NAB

The solution

We conceptualised creating the moment when NAB employees would understand the human effects of what the bank contributes. To facilitate this, we enlisted nine NAB customers to be a pivotal part of the event.

Our creative studio designed and built a market stall environment, and we wrote the stories that would communicate the connection between NAB and its customers.

The logistics were epic – unpacking, custom labelling, re-packing and shipping over 50,000 products to every single NAB location in the world.


Coordinating the market stall activation at eight locations – five simultaneously – and securing the attendance of the participating NAB customers as representatives of their brand’s relationship to NAB.

Our goal? All NAB employees would receive a customer’s product, read their story on the label and understand the true meaning of More Than Money.

  • Strategy
  • Branded Environments
  • Creative Studio

The outcome

We created a tangible way to tell the brand promise story and ensure the message made an impact on NAB’s internal audience. Here are some of their thoughts:

“It was amazing to walk into so much energy. It got us talking about the campaign.”

“I found it inspiring to see how NAB can help people get to where they want to be.”

“It’s a proud day for me to know that what we’re doing matters.”